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Date June 15-23rd of 2024

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An exclusive Magickal Tour through which the Essence of Belize Unfolds

The SACRED Tour is a full emersion of self. It’s an opportunity to reveal more of the True You. The focus is on the sacred being-ness of your body, your outward reflection, and ultimately the enhancement of all moving parts of you that shine out into this world.


From your outer body to your inner; we’ll explore the ancient secrets of beautiful skin by working with hi-vibrational face and body products, custom-made just for you. Then, in turn,  we’ll work with the methods that can bring health to your inner organs and your entire being at a metabolic level.

Through uplifting ceremony, cleansing opportunities will be experienced in the refreshing Springs of the Belizean water caves. As you explore nature trails into the rain forest you will be surrounded by exotic tropical flora and the purest of air. A gentle detox can’t help but happen and revitalization of your lungs can occur.


From June 15-23rd 2024, these nine days promise to reveal for you a new sense of self, with an opportunity to explore many beautiful places and experience amazing new adventures. Below are a few of the tour's highlights and a daily summary of events.

Exclusive Healing Center

Nestled at the heart of the Lush Green Jungle, and amidst the Mayan Ancient Pyramids, this Retreat Center will be your private oasis while you explore Belize.

9 days in Nature's Belize

Attend ceremonies and events to see and feel how their Mayan heritage continues to shape the vibrant culture of today.

Belize Spice Farm
Spice Farm Water Lillies
Belize Spice Farm
Belize Spice Farm
Belize Spice Farm
Belize Exclusive property
Belize gardens
belize falls
belize property 2
Belize coast

Not just another Belize
sight-seeing tour.
June 15-23rd, 2024

As each morning breaks and the jungle comes to life around us, before breakfast is an opportunity to gather and welcome in our days in uplifting ways with Qigong, yoga, stretching, and/or meditation. This, coupled with a varietal of breath work, will be experienced to enliven your body into motion for your day’s adventure.


Enjoy swimming in the cool & refreshing waters of the Belizean water caves/cenotes and gaze at the beautiful stalactite formations.  

Much of the geological structure of Belize is porous Karst limestone, which is ideal for the formation of underground caves and rivers. Water so pristine, you can drink and swim at the same time.

Nature lovers will enjoy the hike through the jungle leading to these breathtaking formations and an amazing cenote. Your experience at the Rio Blanco Water-Falls will be one talked about for years to come too.

Our final evening together brings to full conclusion the Belizean pulse and heartbeat you’ve been immersed in all week. After our dinner parte, let the rhythms of the Creole Drummers move your body into dance as they lead us into our Halloween Celebration and Full Moon Ceremony. An amazing night of many Magicks to experience.


Each tour with us includes time in the kitchen with acclaimed Chefs

With sights, sounds, tastes and smells always around us, Illumination Tours is known for bringing all of these sensations together in an evening cooking affair.

There you will learn to create a few of the local dishes you’ve quickly come to love and bring their recipes back home with you

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